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How We Work

I’ve worked in design, advertising, and tech fields and have developed relationships with some of the most talented people in those industries.

 A Simple Model: I make introductions between trusted colleagues and the companies that will value them.

No up-front fees or lengthy contracts, a flat pricing structure.


A little information to get started.

Need more info? Contact jen@jenoertlirecruits.com



Let’s make it easy.

If a new hire stays 30 days, you write me a check for the following:

  • Interns (paid or unpaid) – $1,000
  • Full-time, $50k or less annual salary – $5,000
  • Full-time, $50,001+ annual salary – $7,000

Part-time / Contract (non-interns):

  • 5% of pay rate for first 6 months, payable every 30 days.




About Me

I’ve worked in human resources, talent acquisition, organizational design, sales, management, client success, leadership, and consulting roles for companies large and small. It’s safe to say I’ve seen it all.

Here’s what I’ve learned –

  • It’s hard to find people you trust. When you do, don’t let those connections go.
  • Because “work” has a new and different meaning that changes constantly, companies must find ways to allow people to accomplish their work under non-traditional conditions.
  • Life is too short to work with people you don’t respect.

My network spans traditional and digital categories and industries, from the C-level to recent grads, with skills ranging from developing conceptual, disruptive ideas to writing code, analyzing data, and making work better and more efficient for everyone.

Who would you like to meet?